Coated Flex Banner

The products are widely used in outdoor large billboard,building advertising,exhibition displays etc,

1.High tensile and tearing strength
2.Stable ink absorption and faster drying ability to make a perfect printing image
3.Good anti-aging and weather resistant performance
4.Flame Retardant

Item No Description Base Fabric Weight Regular Width Length
UCF550/440 Coated Banner, Frontlit 500D*500D,28*28 440gsm 1.60/2.50/3.20m 50m
UCB550/440 Coated Banner, Backlit 500D*500D,28*28 440gsm 1.60/2.50/3.20m 50m
UCF1100/510 Coated Banner, Frontlit 1000*1000D,20*20 510gsm 1.60/2.50/3.20m 50m
UDB250/440 Double-Side Printing 250D*250D,36*36 440gsm 1.60/2.50/3.20m 50m
UDB550/610 Double-Side Printing 500D*500D,28*28 610gsm 1.60/2.50/3.20m 50m